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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pain contains the potential for greater success.

Our Wounds are Our Assets

Before my journey into social media, I thought of online interaction as superficial or at best very distant. However, I found that caring relationships can develop and grow. I also found that deep insights can emerge from often frivolous discussion. One example of relationship and insight came from an exchange with a Twitter friend who had been ill for a […]

Happy New Year- image in public domain

Leadership Plans for the New Year

When I looked at Trending Topics on Twitter, I saw that the second most popular trend at that time was #IThinkItIsTimeTo. Scrolling down the page, I saw a number of interesting ideas—some serious, some frivolous. My mind was already moving in the same direction, but I want to take it a step further than a […]

The power of intention

The Power of Intention

This article was well received when I wrote it in December of 2011. The topic remains relevant today.  As I read Twitter comments this morning, I was struck by a @MikeMoore Tweet that said “The intention to make a sale will chase people away. Instead, try the intention to help, serve and do what’s best for […]

In addition to feeding their bodies during the holidays, think about how to feed their souls.

Holiday Leadership: Feed Their Bodies AND Their Souls

Holidays present special challenges for leaders and their organizations. At this time of year, the physical, emotional or financial pain that people suffer all year seems much more pronounced. Memories of lost or absent family members, expectations about what holidays “should” be, seeing others in various states of excitement or despair, and coming to the […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Christmas Carol

Last weekend, I attended a private showing of the 1938 movie, Christmas Carol, in Burns Court Cinema in Sarasota, Florida. I probably would not have chosen that film, but a friend who is noted for her innovative party ideas, reserved a theater for her annual Christmas event. I watched the hazy black and white classic […]

Coaches Learn from their Clients

Last week as I engaged in a coaching conversation with a client*, I was gratified and pleased when he said he had read one of my blogs and converted a small idea in it to productive action. He said he read my article entitled Leadership: Strong Presence or Intimidation, and the idea that an FBI […]