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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Romney speaking in October 2007 before the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.   c.berlet/

If I were Mitt Romney’s Leadership Coach

I wrote this article in January, 2012, but it’s focus on executive presence is equally relevant today.  On December 12, 2011, Time Magazine’s cover showed a picture of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney with the title, Why don’t they like me? Many other news organizations have at least mentioned Mr. Romney’s so-called likeability factor. In one […]


Conflict Resolution Made Simple

A few years ago while traveling with my family and two of our friends in Italy, we visited the spectacularly beautiful island of Capri with its lush Gardens of Augustus, its Blue Grotto, its narrow, charming streets and its chic [expensive] shops. Early in the afternoon, we stepped onto a full-size city bus to ride […]

Margaret Thatcher- public domain image

The Iron Lady: Life and Leadership

I wrote the following post after viewing the movie, "The Iron Lady," and then republished it after Margaret Thatcher's death. Thatcher was a remarkable women. Her life and her leadership prompt important questions for women leaders today. When Denis Thatcher asked Margaret Roberts to marry him, she made it very clear that she was a very different woman [...]