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200+ Apps and Sites to Make Your Online Life Easier

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Do you ever think there must be an easier way to accomplish your tasks online?

Do you ever hear people talk about apps they use and wonder where they found them? Or, how they use them?

After considering my top 10 tools and apps, I decided to compile a list of the best tools available for many of the tasks leaders and learners may want to use to accomplish their business, education and personal development goals.

The following list of 200+ tools, apps and sites is the best I have found. I searched many sites and checked out many applications to give you a list of tools that will make your life easier.

Please look at the categories below and click the topics that interest you. Each section includes site names and web page links. *Asterisks indicate my favorites and most-used apps and sites.

I hope you find this list as useful as I did!


200 + Tools, Apps and Site to Amuse, Amaze and Make Your Online Life Easier

  • chromeFirefox– Desktop and mobile web browser and add-ons offer easy, efficient and security-focused access to search, bookmark and sync websites.
  • Google Chrome– Part of the Google empire, the Google Chrome browser and associated apps offer a host of fast, simple and usually secure browsing and online options and tools. To Top
E-learning and E-teaching
    • Academic Earth offers a vast collection of free online college courses from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford on topics ranging from Art and Design to Business to Social Sciences.
    • Adobe Captivate offers support for HTML-based eLearning content and lets you create interactive courses with drag-and-drop modules, video streaming and web browsing.
    • Articulate is a an e-learning authoring tool that allows you to create interactive courses, content and presentations. It also supports an e-learning community that provides practical tips, free downloads and advice.  30-day free trial.
    • Blackboard Learn is a learning management system often used by colleges and universities. In addition to online collaboration via e-mail and video conferencing, students upload assignments, and  instructors review and keep track of course grades.
    • Coursera offers free access to over 500 massive open online courses (MOOCs) in a number of languages from over 100 partners at educational institutions around the world. These courses cover a very wide range of topics.
    • eFrontis a learning management and professional development system designed for organizations of 100-10,000 people. The system offers opportunities to design and train, track training of specific employees and correlate skills and completed courses.
    • eLearningArt offers design templates and images from many categories to enhance e-Learning presentations and materials.
    • Google Scholar is a vast searchable library of scholarly research articles and case law, which you can filter by relevance and date.
    • iSpring is a tool for creating high quality cross-platform e-learning presentations and courses with quizzes and video narrations in Powerpoint presentations.
    • iTunesU is a free Apple product for teachers and course developers to design courses for learners using iPads and the education apps, books and materials available for iPads. The volume purchase program is available for institutions to purchase in bulk iPad books and apps teachers can use in course development.
    • Khan Academy–The mission of Khan Academy is to “change education by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” The individualized records allow learners to set and track their learning goals. With over 2000 videos and self-paced activities, students can learn math, science, humanities, finance and history.
    • Learnist supports communities of learning and sharing with opportunities to pin and review pictures and ideas with people who share your interests.
      Captivating TED talks

                Captivating TED talks

    • Mentor mob houses learning playlists of the best websites on specific topics, which members create, edit and rate to make learning free and accessible.
    • žMoodle is a free web application for educators to create online learning sites. This open-source course management system, offered in many languages, allows for use of online media, collaboration, evaluation and practice.
    • žProProfs provides online tools for building, testing and applying knowledge with quizzes, survey and training products. Its extensive libaray of public quizzes and assessments as well as tools and tracking and measurement dashboard make it very popular for business and industry.
    • Quizlet is an online study resource that uses and allows you to browse millions of flashcards created by teachers and students.  These flashcards come in a variety of study modes. Most are free. 
    • Socrative is a student response system that allows teachers to engage individuals and groups of students in learning exercises and games on all web-enabled devices.
    • TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an online collection of informative, entertaining and thought-provoking talks lasting up to 30 minutes.  You are free to browse or curate topics and subscribe to new talks as the speakers present them. TED’s tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading.”
    • TypingWeb is a free tutorial site where you can learn and practice your typing skills as you increase speed and accuracy. You can also track your progress.
    • Udutu is a free online collaborative course authoring tool for large and small organizations to build and distribute online training. Upgrades support a learning management system. To Top
    • G-mail, part of the Google family of tools, is a flexible email application that has a host of features: thread view, folders, chat feature, Google+ interface, task list, etc. It also provides access to a large number of Google products and services. Storage is free for up to 15 GB.
    • GMX Mail (Global Mail Exchange) is an email provider that, in addition to writing, sending and storing emails, allows you to send and receive emails from a number of email accounts.  It is easy to set up and use. It offers 10 GB of free storage.
    • Outlook email client is a paid Microsoft email product that allows  you to access a number of email accounts in one spot. In it, you can search and manage emails, contacts and your calendar in a format that, unlike some other clients, is free of advertising.
    • LetterMeLater allows you to write emails from any of your email programs and send them at a later time. You can also send recurring emails. To Top
File Conversion
    • ž7-PDF Web Portal is a free tool that allows you to convert and download files from over 80 file and image formats into pdf without installing a conversion program onto your system.
    • Free File Converter is a free tool that converts a wide range of file formats including documents, images, audio and video into other formats.
    • žPDFescape PDFescape is a free, online PDF reader, editor, form filler, & form designer which allows you to create and share new PDF forms and fill out existing PDF documents.
      File Conversion

      PDF-to-Word       Converter 

    • PDF-to-Word Converter and  PDF-to-Excel Converter are programs that give occasional users the ability to convert up to five PDF files to Word or Excel documents per month.   Nitro Premium and enterprise plans are available.
    • compress.smallpdf is a free service that allows you to merge PDF files and compress large PDF files into smaller file sizes. Compressing saves computer space and offers you the ability to send large PDF files through email.
    • ILovePDF is a tool that merges up to 10 documents into one or splits one PDF file into different documents. The site offers free storage of up to 80 MB.   Premium accounts offer more downloads, greater security and more storage space.
    • žWeb2PDF converts web pages into PDF documents, which you can save to your computer.  Members have access to additional features such as page sizes, date and URL stamps, page numbers, size reduction, etc. To Top
Images – create, search, edit and share
    • 3DPackage creates 3d-box graphics in JPG, GIF or PNG format when you upload photos for front and sides.  The pro version offers greater functionality.
    • Adobe Photoshop products allow you to analyze, edit, display and share digital images using paid packages with different types of tools.images
    • AnyMaking Photo Editor offers free photo editing (crop, resize, flip, rotate, frame, etc.) and a variety of fun visual effects for uploaded images.
    • Camtasia software lets users record and edit video for interactive teaching, training and marketing. Camtasia is integrated with Google Drive so that files can be stored, uploaded and downloaded.
    • Compfight CC is an image search tool that allows you to find Flickr images using tag, licensing, safe and original image filters. The site is great for finding creative commons images.
    • CutMyPic is a free 3-step app that lets you upload your picture, cut and edit it using a variety of tools and then eMail, share or save the finished product.
    • Dermandar allows you to stitch individual photographs into wide angle or panoramic views. You can also search the world map to see images other people have created. dollar photo
    • Dollar Photo Club is a site that provides high quality royalty free images for only $1 per image with a monthly paid membership. (currently $10 per month)
    • Findicons offers over 400,000 free icons and packs, which you can search by keyword, size and type of use.  The app also converts your icons into different formats.
    • Flickr is a popular file storage site that allows you to upload and search photographs.
    • Glogster EDU is a paid interactive poster tool used primarily for education. The tool allows users to add text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings and data attachments to product educational content.
    • Fotobabble allows users to share and narrate photos, tell short stories, send greetings and market products as they combine pictures and voice. 
    • FotoFlexer offers a free advanced online image editor that allows you to retouch, resize, crop, rotate, flip add shapes and fonts and create different visual effects using photos you upload.
    • FunPhotoBox creates collages and interesting cards from your photos using animations, photo frames, filers and different visual effects.
    • Iconizer offers free icons with different licensing that users can search, modify and download using different colors, filters and orientations.
    • Jing is a free and simple way to capture, highlight and share video, animation and still images.   TechSmith labs offer Jing as one of its online tools. Some are free; others are paid.
    • Kwout is for people who like to quote from a web page. Crop an area and post or save the image to your computer. You can adjust the image, and the links on a page remain active in the image. The bookmarklet adds convenience if you want to use it more often.
    • Open Clip Art Library contains more than 50,000 free clip art images that you can browse and download for any use. The home page shows top clip art by week and month as well as browse and contest categories.
    • PhotoFunia is a free downloadable app that provides templates for party invitations, calendars, printable cards, photo editing and other visual effects.
    • PicMonkey is a free photo editor that allows you to adjust images easily. Crop, rotate, resize, sharpen photos, adjust exposures and colors, apply effects, and add text,  symbols, frames and textures.   This is a versatile free app with an upgrade option for no ads and a greater selection of effects, fonts, overlays and textures.
    • Piktochart is a useful tool to create infographics with pictures, text, charts and graphs.
    • Pixlr Editor claims to be the most popular online photo editor in the world. You can create new images, edit existing images or choose from their images. Free templates, party invitations, calendars, and printable cards are available. From the same site is Pixlr-o-matic, which allows you to snap photos from your webcam or computer and choose special filter and lighting effects.
    • RGBStock offers high quality, royalty-free images for you to download using keywords for searching.  Membership is required. Additional images are available for sale on searched pages.
    • lets you create funny photos and graphics – an official seal, fire or police badges, tickets, posters, etc. You can use the images for blogs, forums, marketing, etc. You can also purchase merchandise such as stickers, mugs, keychains and magnets that show the image you created.
    • Snagit is a TechSmith tool that lets you create images you snag from your screen, enhance with Snagit special effects and then share.
    • Sumopaint is a powerful painting tool that lets you create and edit images using a variety of online tools such as layers, blending modes, filters, etc. The pro version adds features to the free program.
    • TinEye is a reverse image search engine that allows you to submit an image, discover its source and where it appears on the web. It is now a free Google Chrome extension.
    • ž Voki is used primarily for educational purposes. It allows users to create customized avatars, add voices to them and then post the Voki avatar to blogs, websites or profiles.
    • Wordle creates word clouds from text you provide. The words used most often in the text are given greater prominence in the image.  The image above came from Wordle. To Top
Information – search, share, curate and collaborate
    • was the first online file system. It enables users to share, store, and access files of any type from anywhere.
    • Delicious is a free and easy tool to save, organize and discover interesting links on the web. You can keep personal bookmarks online or share and discover web bookmarks from other people by using a tag search.
    • Diigo is a bookmarking tool for online articles, images, documents, etc. Tags help to find information once it is bookmarked. It is an excellent tool for groups to share to online articles and information of interest.
    • enables users to share, store, and access documents, spreadsheets, music and video files from anywhere.


    • ž* Flipboard lets iPad and IPhone users create their own high-quality online magazines and read magazines that other users create.
    • Google Drive is a group information and file sharing site in which participants can upload, share and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets and media on the site in real time online, or they can download to revise. Google Drive and Google Docs are part of the system.
    • Google Search is the most-used search engine on the web. It is so popular that it is now a verb. Users can search for information, images, videos, news, forums, etc.  Advanced features allow  you to narrow your search results for greater results.
    • Hightail (formerly You Send It) – allows you to securely send, share and restrict access to files and folders that are too large to email or that contain valuable or confidential information.
    • HowStuffWorks includes thousands of articles on searchable topics and topic you did not know you were interested in. It includes categories  such as most popular, galleries, quizzes, videos and games on adventure, animals, autos, gardens, science and tech and much more. HowStuffWorks includes questions each day, but you can also insert your own questions for simple and easy-to-understand answers.
    • Open Directory Project is also known as Dmoz, or Directory Mozilla. It is a community of volunteer editors who maintain web content and make online directories available for searches. Topics include arts, games, reference, sports, recreation, etc. Dmoz aspires to be the largest human-edited directory of the web.
    • žPadlet (previously Wallwisher) is an online noticeboard and collaborative tool to share ideas, brainstorm, plan events, make announcements and keep notes. Participants can share notices and ideas online.
    • lets you publish your online newspaper on topics you cull from websites, images, videos, or web searches. It is updated as source sites add new material.  Your curation choices save time for others.
    • PB Works allows large organizations or small businesses to share files and information and manage projects collaboratively. It tracks changes and notifies team members when changes occur. A basic version is free, but PB Works designs systems for specific agencies, businesses and educational organizations.
    • Pearltrees is a free visual library tool from Firefox that lets you organize and retrieve your favorite web pages, photos and notes for sharing with others.
    • Popplet is a tool for iPad users in schools and businesses to plan projects, capture thoughts and images and create relationships in a mindmap format.
    • Reddit members submit and vote on topics they find interesting. They become the editors to choose which news, blog entries, videos, pictures, stories and questions are most important to view.
    • Scoopit is a highly visual tool to curate and share topics of interest or concern. You pick pages, articles, images, or videos to publish and integrate with your blog or website.  Your curation choices save time for others.
    • Scribd is a free and fee-based reading service that brings over 80 million readers text material on topics of their choice. Scribd members have contributed over 40 million books and documents in various formats.  This information is usually free. For a monthly fee, readers have unlimited access to best-selling books and premium documents.
    • žSharePoint is a fee-based enterprise platform that helps individuals and teams organize and manage information, people and projects.  With the desktop app, you can sync your files to your devices.
    • Skydrive is a Microsoft file storage and synchronization program that stores your information in the cloud.
    • Soda db (Simple Online Database) is a  template for creating and managing a database of up to 10,000 records quickly and easily. Storage for up to 10MB is also free. You can import and export files and share your database using a secret URL, an html code in your website, or add sub-users to your account.
    • Storify is a free or premium app that allows you to collect and curate social media posts and articles to create a story around a particular topic. You can then publish, embed and share the stories to create.
    • StumbleUpon is a customized listings of web pages, videos, photos that fit user preferences for information and research.
    • Symbaloo is a free bookmarking dashboard for use with desktop or mobile devices. The dashboard buttons are icons and logos for your favorite sites. wikipedia
    • Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced encyclopedia of every topic imaginable.  It is a handy encyclopedia and reference source.
    • WikiSpaces allows individuals and groups to upload, share, edit, discuss and organize their work.
    • Zoho Docs -  A desktop and mobile application allowing users to share files, use a variety of office apps, create and manage folders and collaborate online. To Top
Language and composition
    • After the Deadline checks text you submit for spelling errors, style, and grammar suggestions. It has an enterprise version but is free for personal use.
    • English Practice contains activities, quizzes, tips and lessons in many categories that are useful for learning and improving English usage.
    • Goformat converts text to upper case, lower case or sentence case. You can also remove or replace unwanted characters or spaces.
    • Google Translate is a great translation tool if you recognize that idiom may not always translate as you would like. Enter text or upload a document to translate from any language into the language of your choice. The app will also detect the source language entered.
    • LDOCE (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English) allows you to find the meaning of nearly any word on the Internet. The online version of the dictionary contains over 207,000 words, phrases, and meanings including references to people, places, events and organizations. Widgets are available to add to your browser search bar, blog or personal website.
    • PaperRater checks your document for grammar and spelling errors and plagiarism. It also provides suggestions for enhanced readability, style and word choice.
    • Perfectyourenglish contains English grammar and writing lessons with guides to practical English usage, vocabulary, writing and speaking. It also includes interactive grammar and vocabulary exercise and worksheets.
    • SpellCheckPlus is a free application with a Pro Scriber option to add functionality and remove ads. You can paste up to 2,000 characters into the box to check for grammar and spelling errors.
    • TextSlave is a free text manipulator that allows you to split, merge, duplicate, remove, replace, add, edit, sort and convert your text.  For example, you can remove multiple white spaces, remove html tags, convert letter case and add or replace text.
    • is a valuable site that supplies synonyms, antonyms and definitions when you insert a word or term. To Top
    • AWeber is a paid email management service for online marketing that collects lists, supports autoresponders and blog RSS feeds.mailchimp
    • Mailchimp is an email management service for online marketing that collects lists, supports autoresponders and blog RSS feeds. Free for up to 2000 subscribers. Premium service offers more flexibility. To Top
Media (audio and video)
    • žAnimoto is a free and paid video application that takes photos and videos and turns them into one video creation. Users upload images and videos, choose a video style, music and text. They can then download, embed or share their creations via social media sites.  The free version allows 30 seconds of video with limited video styles and music choices. Individual and pro plans increase video quality and styles and offer commercially licensed music tracks.
    • Audacity is an open source tool that allows you to record, edit and mix sounds for a variety of purposes.
    • AudioBoo is an  audio application that allows you to record, save and share audio content. You can record music, conduct interviews, tell stories and report information. The service is free for recordings up to three minutes.
    • Flickr is a popular photo management and sharing application that includes a collection of creative commons photos.
    • iMovie is a free Apple video storage and creation application for Mac, iPad and IPhone users that lets them organize video clips in one place then choose themes, insert titles, add effects and soundtracks.
    • Photobucket lets you upload and file photos and videos and sync them from your computer, mobile devices and other sharing sites such as Facebook.
    • Pinterest is one of the most popular photo management and sharing application.
    • Shutterfly offers free, unlimited and secure photo storage and sharing with paid services to print mementos, announcements and photos.
    • Slideshare lets you upload and share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios publicly or privately.
    • Vimeois a popular hosting site where you can upload, store, edit, browse and share videos.
    • Voicethread is a paid cloud storytelling application that allows users to upload, share and discuss documents, images, audio files and videos.
    • Wikimedia—The Wikimedia Foundation is a free crowd-sourced site to collect, develop and disseminate educational content (articles, pictures, etc.) under a free license or in the public domain. It is the parent foundation for Wikipedia. youtube
    • YouTube is currently the most popular video website on which users can upload, view, browse and share videos. To Top
Meetings, conversations and collaboration
    • AdobeConnect is a paid service for web-conferencing, learning and collaboration more often used in business but it is also used in educational settings. This is the site we use most often for our meetings because of it versatility and ease of use.
    • Blackboard Collaborate is a paid service for web-conferencing, learning and collaboration used by many colleges and universities as well as business, government and military training.
    • Etherpad allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time. Friends, fellow students or colleagues can all work on one document at the same time.
    • Facetime is a video conference /chat service that allows you to make video calls from one Mac to another Mac — or to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
    • Google HangOut is a free service for online video chats with up to nine people- a Google+ feature. It includes some interesting visual and audio effects that make HangOuts more
    • GoToMeeting is a Paid video conferencing app used most often in business for webinars, meetings and training.
    • Skype allows free calls and video conferences. Upgrades allow more participants and more functionality.
    • WebEx is a Cisco web conferencing product that allows up to three people to meet at no charge and has three paid plans with different functions and levels of service. Basic service includes unlimited meetings with standard-quality video; premium service adds HD video. All service includes free mobile apps, file sharing and instant messaging. To Top
    • FreeMind is an open-sourced mind-mapping tool. It features downloads, screen shots, license, essays, support forum and project information.
    • Mind42(Mind For Two) is a free online mind mapping application that allows collaborative mind mapping for brainstorming and managing ideas. Ideas are arranged in a tree or star-like diagram to visualize connections between different topics.
    • MindMeister represents itself as the leading online mind mapping software. It is a paid product for business and education that allows you to create, share and work collaboratively to develop mind maps. It includes iPhone, iPad and Android apps.  It offers a 30-day free trial.
    • SpiderScribe is a brainstorming and mind-mapping tool to collect and organize ideas by connecting files, calendar events, notes, etc. Users can  collaborate and share the free form maps they create online.
    • Wisemapping is a free open source mind mapping editor for individuals, business and education. After creating a mind map, you can share it by embedding or sharing its link online. Images can include notes or links to other sites. No download is necessary.
    • XMind bills itself as the most popular mind mapping tool. It is open-sourced and can be downloaded free. Premium upgrades are available. The images are clear and icons are available to include in the mind map. To Top
Money and finance
    • Mint is a useful and free personal finance tool for you to track how you spend and save your money.  After creating a Mint user account, users add credit card, loan and investment information, and banking information.  Services include bill reminders, mobile apps, investment tracking and suggestions for how to save money for which they receive merchant fees.
    • Mortgage Calculator is a free app that calculates mortgages and includes amortization tables, bi-weekly savings and refinance information.
    • OANDA Currency Converter is a popular currency conversion tool that also includes historical rates for different currencies.
    • PayPal is a very popular tool to pay and shop online. Services include credit card orders, sending money to family and friends and payment receipt from customers or clients. Basic services are free but fees accrue with different types of accounts or different circumstances.


    • Splitwise is a very handy tool for friends and colleagues to track bills and other shared expenses so everyone gets paid on time.
    • Stripe is an online billing and payment system that offers very competitive rates and service for websites. It accepts payment from around the world.  Use requires understanding of web design and HTML.
    • TaxACT is a site that allows you to download, prepare, print and e-file your U.S. Government income tax forms and returns at no charge.  Deluxe plans keep previous filing information and provide additional support.
    • Yahoo Finance is a comprehensive financial site that offers personal finance tools and current financial information. Users can set up portfolios and track investment results over time. To Top
Music search and share
    • Google Play - part of the Google empire, includes a host of features to allow you to download books, music, movies and TV other apps and games. You can also add content from your personal collection and access from desktops and mobile devices.
    • info is a free tool that lets you identify unknown musical selections in nearly any file format to find title, artist name and album title.
    • iTunes is the marketplace for Apple products. It includes a vast library of music, podcasts, movies and ItunesU courses, which play on Apple products.
    • Midomi is a free service that lets you sing or hum a song into your microphone and find the name of the song. To Top
Polls and surveys
    • Micropoll is free for basic service to create simple polls with questions and multiple-choice answers. The additional pricing options add number of poll visitors, reports, logos, IP blocking, etc.
    • Poll Everywhere is a free tool that allows teachers, speakers or presenters to poll their audiences in real time using mobile phones, twitter or web browsers. The responses appear on the web or in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Advanced options allow more responses, more users, grading and ranking and custom keywords.pollsnack
    • pollsnack allows users to create free online polls, surveys and personality quizzes and embed them in their websites. It is easy to use, and paid upgrades or purchase of credits provide additional design features and allows users to add logos.
    • SurveyMonkey is used in education, business and market research to gather information. You can build your own surveys or choose their templates, choose how to collect responses and analyze results. The basic plan is free. In addition to custom survey designs and URLs, the pro plan allows test analysis and unlimited surveys and responses. To Top
    • 123-slideshow is a free app that allows you to create a flash slideshow quickly and easily. After choosing a layout, upload 4-8 pictures and the app generates a slideshow, which you can save to your computer. Premium options remove ads and add functionality.
    • Keynote presentation software is used with iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Mac operating systems. Tools and effects allow you to create and deliver presentations that include images, videos, charts and text.
    • Powerpoint is a very versatile and popular presentation software tool that comes with paid Microsoft bundles or can be purchased for a monthly fee.
    • Prezi is a free and paid presentation software tool that resembles a whiteboard for images, video, sound or web material. Presentations are less linear than PowerPoint. Presenters can move in a variety of directions in a  format that seems like stream-of-consciousness. 
    • Voicethread is a fee-based tool that allows individual and groups of users to create and share conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams and videos with the ability to talk, type, and draw on the screen. It is used in business and education for reflection and directed conversations. To Top
Productivity tools
    • Board800 is a shared interactive whiteboard application with simultaneous access and drawing capabilities. Individuals and groups create a unique session to gather ideas as they would on a traditional whiteboard. They can save their work to a computer or share it with others.  Images for the free version remain on the servicer for 90 days. Paid versions allow domain names and/or source code of institutional use.
    • Cacoo is a free and paid drawing tool to create, save or export a variety of diagrams such as site maps, flowcharts, mind maps, wire frames, etc.  The free version saves only in PNG format. Templates are available to create basic shapes, networks, organizational charts, flowcharts, etc.
    • Digital Dutch Unit Converter is a handy tool to convert common units of measure such as temperature, time, area and energy into different measurement systems.
    • is collaborative diagramming software that allows you to create diagrams that are visible on any web browser. It includes templates and a variety of drag-and-drop stencils.  Online use is free; an enterprise version is also available.evernote
    • Evernote allows you to collect, organize and manage notes and information in one application and access the information from different devices. You can save photos, web sites and text files and share that information with friends, colleagues and classmates. An enterprise version is available.
    • Excel is a Microsoft spreadsheet program that is very versatile and extremely useful.  It is usually purchased as part of a home or office package.
    • Google Chart Editor offers the ability to select from a variety of interactive chart  templates and enter your data to create all kinds of charts- bar graphs, histogram, scatter charts, pie graphs, organizational charts, etc. When the chart is complete, you can save it in png format or you can save a link for sharing or editing.
    • Google Maps provide vehicle traffic, bicycle or terrain maps for locations around the world. You can search for a map using addresses or zip codes and you can get automobile, walking or mass transit directions from one place to another.
    • Listhings is a free sticky note application that stores your notes and allows you to access them for anywhere and share them with others.
    • Livebinders is a storage program for individuals, educators and businesses that allows users to upload, organize and share information on specific subjects. Tabs allow access to different topics within each subject.
    • OneNote is a paid filing system that enables you to file, search, sync and share handwritten notes, links, web pages, sketches and videos. It is included in Microsoft Office bundles or can be purchased separately.
    • Trello is a free or paid tracking tool that can be used as a lesson planner, bulletin board, or project organizer. Individuals or groups can access ideas, to dos, finished tasks, etc.
    • Word(Microsoft) is a powerful and comprehensive word processing tool that supports simple or high level writing projects. It is included in bundles or can be purchased sepa rately.
    • WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging application that allows you to exchange messages without paying for SMS. It works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. To Top
    • Blogger is a Google blogging application tied to email, calendar and Google+ accounts.  It has a variety of templates and layouts.
    • Blogster is a simple blogging application that requires little formatting or technical experience. With over 640 thousand blogsters and over 360 thousand posts, it is an active community of bloggers. Blogs are available to registered members.
    • Byet is a free web site hosting service that affords you a limited amount of disk space and a control panel to create and manage your site.
    • Cool Template is a free online template generator that allows you to create custom web theme or templates in HTML or for Joomla!, WordPress or You can create columns, change colors or text and move content blocks.
    • Digg is a news site where the text and video stories are chosen by community members and moderators. Featured stories come from social media sites and members posts and ratings.
    • Lucidpress is a free tool that allows users to make, publish and share flyers, invitation, brochures, newsletter, magazines and photo books quickly and easily using templates they provide. A paid version provides greater functionality.
    • Tumblr—(also known as a Tumble log) is a blogging service said to excel in  “photo blogging” and its sense of community. Participants “follow,” like, and reblog articles from people they follow.
    • Webnode users design and maintain websites from anywhere online without advertising banners or spots. It includes drag-and-drop functionality, gadgets and widgets. It offers quick setup and free service for up to 10MB of storage and up to 10 products. Additional storage and features come with Mini, Standard or Profi accounts.
    • Weebly is a basic, free do-it-yourself website builder. It has a number of useful features that expand with paid upgrade.
    • Wix is a web design tool that allows you to create and manage your online presence. It includes templates and a variety of features. Premium plans offer sites with no ads, more storage, support, shopping carts, etc.wordpress
    • WordPress is a very powerful and free blog and publishing platform with many plugins for user flexibility. After some discussion about other platforms, we decided to use WordPress for our site. To Top
Reading Services and RSS feeds
    • Feedly is an RSS reader/aggregator that lets you follow your favorite blogs, topics, news sites, Youtube shows, Google alerts, magazines, comits, vimeo shows, etc.
    • Pocket  (formerly Read It Later) is a bookmark application that lets you save and view later online videos or articles from your browser or apps like Twitter, Flipboard or Zite. When you finish a page, you remove it from your list. To Top
    • 1Password is a paid app that stores and generates secure passwords, fills out forms, shares and syncs with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.
    • Duck Duck Go is a free search engine that lets you search sites without leaving your footprint. Your searches are not tracked for marketing or other purposes.
    • HideMyAss is a paid VPN service that allows you to access the web from locations that could be unsecure.lastpass
    • Last Pass is an indispensible password manager that generates, stores and allows you to login to any site that requires a password. You choose one password that is stored only in your head. The initial service is free; mobile or enterprise accounts are fee-based.
    • WOT (Web of Trust) is a free add-on for browsers that lets you see traffic lights of green, yellow and red based on user ratings for trusted sites. It helps to detect scams, unsecure links and unscrupulous web stores.
    • Online Link Scan offers free antivirus tools to scan websites for viruses, malware, spyware, and trojans before you visit. It also shows Google page rank and Alexa rank.
    • OpenDNS bills itself as the “world’s largest internet security network.” The home version to filter sites is free. Premium paid home and enterprise versions offer more bells and whistles.
    • URL X-ray examines a shortened URL from services like tinyurl or to see where they lead before you actually click on it to prevent going to unsafe sites.
    • Virustotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs to find viruses, worms, trojans and malware. To Top
Social media and professional networking
    • Crowdfire (formerly JustUnfollow) is a free service that lets you see whom you follow on Twitter or Instagram who does not follow you. Premium service offers a number of extra features.facebook
    • Edmodo is a social networking platform for educators that allows them to connect with learners, resources and other educators. It provides different tools such as polls, badges and measurement options to enhance educational experiences.
    • Facebook is a social site that allows people to connect with friends and colleagues. It can be used for business and educational purposes. However, it is most often used for social interaction.hootsuite
    • FriendorFollow is a free service that lets you know whom you follow on Twitter, Tumbler or Instagram who is not also following you. A paid version allows more options.
    • Google+ is part of the Google suite of online tools. Members can share profiles, posts, pictures, articles, documents, events, chats, etc.   It also allows you to start voice or video chats called Hangouts.
    • Hootsuite is a powerful social media management dashboard to view, post and schedule social media content from a variety of online accounts and RSS feeds.linkedin
    • LinkedIn is a useful professional networking tool that lets you share posts, ask and answer questions and participate in online discussion groups. Some use LinkedIn as a blog tool.
    • MySpace is a social entertainment sharing site includes music, videos, images, songs, artists and games.
    • Ning is a private social network hosting platform that gives you the tools to create, publish and connect  with an online community. It contains forums, liking and sharing, member profiles, blogging, comments, sign-in and sharing through other social media sites. It offers a 14-day free trial with basic, performance and ultimate pricing options.
    • Tweetdeck is a dashboard for Twitter to track and organize Tweets and manage multiple accounts from one place.
    • Yammer is a private social network for companies to collaborate securely across departments, locations, content and business applications.
    • Twitter is a popular social networking and micro-blogging service to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. To Top
    • žGoogle Apps offers a host of apps for individuals, businesses and education. They include tools for a variety of purposes: communication, productivity, storage, web sites, social networking, etc.
    • žMicrosoft Web apps allows users to create, share and edit Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files from any browser.
    • OpenOffice offers free software for word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia, mathematical equations, diagrams and databases. To Top
Technology Reviews
    • Free Technology for Teachers is Richard Byrne’s award winning blog to “share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.”  Many of these have value in other settings.
    • is a nonprofit that publishes a valuable guide to online resources (websites, social media, events and meeting software, collaboration, fundraising, etc.) to help nonprofits “Make Smart Software Decisions.”
    • Mashable asserts that it is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.
    • Robin Good is an “Explorer of new media technologies, communication design tools and strategies as enablers for 21st century individuals.” He maintains a presence on  Twitter,  Mindmeister,  YouTube,  Google+,  Facebook, and others. To Top
Time and task management
    • Doodle simplifies setting your meetings, events and celebrations. Choose possible dates and email addresses, and participants can indicate their availability. doodle
    • Google Tasks is a to-do list for groups and individuals. It connects with Google mail accounts and calendars.
    • Microsoft Outlook Calendar is part of the Microsoft paid business office package.
    • ClockingIT is a free hosted application that allows you to assign and track tasks and the time you spend on them. It is good for project management and collaboration. The interactive gantt chart, scheduling, and reports features make it very useful.
    • Google Calendar allows you to schedule events and tasks on your calendar, which you can share with colleagues and friends.  These events and tasks sync with mobile devices and allow automatic scheduling from emails and text messages.
    • Klokoo is an online radio alarm clock.
    • Online-Stopwatch is a free tool that allows you to set a stop watch or a timer.
    • Needtomeet is an online scheduling tool that lets everyone indicate availability to meet or attend events.
    • Remember The Milk is a free service that lets you organize tasks into different categories, set due dates, repeat tasks, add notes, print lists, etc.  It integrates with Gmail, Twitter, Outlook and Evernote.
    • ScheduleOnce is a paid online appointment and meeting scheduling program for business.  In addition to letting you show your availability and accept appointments, it allow you to check  free time in your Google Calendar.
    • provides a wealth of information about time, weather, calendars, sun & moon rising and setting in different cities around the world.  It also offers a meeting planner for people in different time zones.
    • Toodledo is a powerful free to-do list that lets you organize and search tasks using folders, tags and sub-tasks. You can also share tasks with others, arrange meetings, sync to mobile devices, repeat tasks, prioritize with hotlists and set alarms to remind you of upcoming tasks.
    • whenintime is a free timeline creation and sharing tool that lets you enter dates and the tool arranges them in sequential order. It is also possible to upload images to make the timeline more visually appealing.
    • Wrike is a to-do list application that you can access from a variety of formats. Groups can prioritize and assign tasks to individuals, monitor updates and give feedback. It is free for up to five users. Paid professional and enterprise versions are available.
    • Tiki-Toki is a web-based tool for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet. Free accounts include advertising and allow you to create one timeline, share and embed it. Paid accounts for teachers, individuals, professional bloggers and small businesses allow more timelines, group editing, no advertisements, and more online views. To Top
Website information
    • Alexa is a tool to analyze owner details, popularity, uptime, traffic sources and comparison with other sites in the same category. It is a paid product for web site owners who are serious about their ranking and their place in the web site world.
    • bitly is a useful tool to shorten and share your web links (or URLs), with a free account available for tracking links with a statistics page. You can also save, search and organize all your links and group them into bundles.
    • Cool Text is a free graphics and logo generator. Users choose the text design and include text in a form, and the app creates an image that can be downloaded, emails, shared on social media or embedded as HTML code.
    • Google Chrome SEO Site Tools is a free application that provides information about a web site’s ranking and site metrics with social media activity, server details, page elements, suggestions for improving SEO ranking and more.owly
    • is a free web page shortening tool that lets you paste a URL into the page and it creates a shorter version for use in web sites and social media posts.
    • is a free web page shortening tool that lets you paste a URL into the page and it creates a shorter version for use in web sites and social media posts. It requires registration or access to Hootsuite. To Top

If you have suggestions or think of other valuable tools, please let me know.