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slide2You have a passion to lead and to make a difference.

You recognize that relationships, collaboration and communication are essential to building a better future. Now, you want to take your leadership to the next level.

Membership in our online community offers you free and paid content to supercharge your leadership. With membership in our Connected Leader Facebook Community, you can share activities, questions and concerns. You can also make valuable professional connections.

In addition, you can gain access to our unique Connected Leader Lab, which builds on topics I taught in college courses and adds so much more. With Connected Leader Lab, you have at your fingertips practical opportunities to learn, lead and connect. Through online courses, career coaching, portfolio development and other learning resources, you maximize your possibilities as you grow your leadership skills.

Leadership is who you are, not just what you do. With Connected Leaders, you expand the skills that make you an outstanding leader: general organization and management plus emotional intelligence, leadership presence, trust-building, decision-making, communication and more.

Whether you are an aspiring leader or you are already in a leadership role, you will identify and build on your strengths as you minimize any weaknesses.

Our focus is YOUR SUCCESS!

Register today to begin your journey to new possibilities. You will receive awesome updates and notices about exceptional opportunities to learn and grow.

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Online learning Opportunities

Understand and Use Emotional Intelligence

Build and Maintain Trust

Maximize Leadership Presence

Management & Organization Skills

Be a Better Coach and Mentor

Portfolio Design and Implementation

Online and In-Person Coaching

Analyze strengths and developmental areas

Prepare a meaningful learning plan

Ask powerful questions to prompt insight

Provide worthwhile information

Boost insight and creativity

Support accountability to achieve your goals

Team Building/Team Coaching

Assess your team or organizational culture

Co-design your plan to boost productivity

Involve your team in creative problem-solving

Support leadership skill-building

Strengthen teamwork and collaboration

Turn your mission into accomplishment