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My Story


Welcome and thank you for checking out my story.

I am LYN BOYER a leadership coach, author and learning guide who loves to support and challenge aspiring, new and experienced leaders as they strive to find personal and professional success and satisfaction.

Through blogging, coaching and my Leader Lab, I indulge my passion to promote and support leaders. In addition, I enjoy connecting like-minded leaders who network, share and support one another.

I began my career in education as a teacher and then a school administrator. I gained enormous satisfaction in my role as the principal of a large public high school in Florida.

In preparation for this position, I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, which has dominated my professional focus. In my quest to determine what makes the greatest difference in success of organizations, I became convinced that effective leadership is the key. That conviction has colored my subsequent work.

When I moved into the school district office, I served as Coordinator of Leadership Development and gained coaching certification. I later taught in University of South Florida's Educational Leadership Program.

In 2011, I collaborated with Lisa Levinson and Doris Reeves-Lipscomb to establish Women's Learning Studio, a virtual community for women to learn, lead and connect online.

My philosophy is that leadership is more than what a person does; it is who he or she is. To that end, I have focused on what I call Affective Leadership, which includes the factors that allow leaders to make personal connections and build strong relationships: emotional intelligence, leadership presence, trust building and intentional language.

My book Connect: Affective Leadership℠ for Effective Results is available in bookstores and online. It explores those topics and offers practice activities to enhance essential leadership skills. In the last few years, I have focused on the topic of JOY-- how to gain it and how to spread it. This is the link to my e-book, Intentional Joy , which you can download.

I love to combine my interests in travel, photography and green living, which I share with readers through blogs and images on this site. I live joyfully in a family compound in Sarasota, FL with six other adults, three small children, two needy dogs, some ducks and an occasional snake. In addition, I continue to create and promote valuable leadership content.

For free updates and membership in our leadership community, please register. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you ideas about how we can make a difference.

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