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Leadership and You Workshop

The content below was prepared for my Leadership and You workshop. If you attended, I hope you enjoyed our time together and that you are excited about learning more. If you did not attend, this information will be equally valuable. Leadership is essential to any group effort. Whether you are a formal leader or you work informally to [...]
How to Rate Presidential Debate Performance

How to Rate Presidential Debate Performance

It is time to drop the subjective standards we use to rate our Presidential debates. It is time to provide a clear and understandable method to judge who most effectively argued his or her case to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. As we come to the end of the most […]

What’s missing in politics? In life?

In all the racket of news this week, one story received little attention because it was part of a much larger and more volatile story. That was the small but courageous act of a young woman who wrote an open letter to her boss. It was an act of courage I believe is all-to-often absent […]

In View of Orlando, How Do We Change a Culture?

Last week, as I picked up my oldest grandchild to take her to summer day camp, my son prepared to drive to a Florida Bar Convention. He kissed his eight-year-old daughter and said he would see her the next day. As she and I walked to my car, she looked slightly confused. Apparently, she had […]

My New Directions

You may have noticed you have not heard a lot from me in the last few months. Let me tell you a little about why. When I founded Leadership Options and began coaching and working with leaders and their teams, I was focused on formal leaders and institutional leadership. My thoughts and energy were directed […]