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My Easy Formula for Work-Life Balance

This week, I began thinking about how I spend my time. I want to enjoy being with my family, and I have goals and objectives I want to accomplish with my work. I have a strong interest in green living initiatives and I want to exercise and mentor young leaders. I don’t want to give [...]

A Thank-You 70 Years Later

It is usually quiet in my husband’s office between Christmas and New Years, so this year he and I decided to book a river cruise that included Paris and Normandy during that time. We made the reservations before the tragic events in Paris in November, and I have to admit feeling a little apprehensive. However, I would […]

Holiday Leadership Mistakes

10 Holiday Mistakes of Leaders

It seems the holiday season is fully upon us, and that means it is time to think about how we spend our time, energy and money. It is also time to think about the climate we create in organizations we lead. If you have read my article on Holiday Leadership (Feed Their Bodies AND Their […]

It is only through gratitude for the people and events in life that we truly experience joy and meaning. Lyn Boyer

7 Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

We know the story of the Pilgrims and the bitter first winter in the new world. We recognize the part the very generous Native Americans played. We may give some thought to the reason for this important American holiday. If we are religious, we may see Thanksgiving as a privilege and a duty.

It turns out that a gratitude and thankfulness also have tremendous personal and professional benefits. Research on the presence or absence of gratitude suggests the following important returns on the gratitude investment:

Emotional Health and Terror in Paris

As I begin to look at the upcoming holiday season, I can’t help but think about the horrors I have seen in Paris in the last few days. I start to be excited about joyful gatherings with people I love, and then tears come to my eyes as I think about the indescribable feelings of […]

10 Signs PRESENCE is Holding You Back

Whether you call it body language, executive presence or leadership presence, the way you stand, sit or speak has an enormous affect on how other people react. Even with the very best of ideas or intentions, if a person who wants to influence opinions or actions cannot command attention and generate confidence, the cause is [...]