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Leadership and Limbic Resonance

What is Limbic Resonance and How Can Leaders Use It?

From brain research at the University of California, San Francisco and reference to earlier work, Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon wrote a detailed and insightful book on human emotion called A General Theory of Love (2000). In this book, they introduce and explain the term Limbic Resonance, which they describe as “a symphony […]

Leadership- Limit the Term, Expand the Reach

Leadership – Is the Term Overused?

The word leadership is thrown around quite liberally, but it is less common to analyze what leadership means, to think about who leaders really are, and to consider how to expand the pool of leaders. People usually think only of the actions a leader takes, often forgetting that a real leader must have followers—people who […]

How do You Gain Mastery?

How do I begin a discussion about a book that I read halfway through before I saw any connection to my life and then realized as I finished that it had profound implications? Mastery by George Leonard is that book.  I read it a number of years ago, and since then, I have recommended it to friends, […]

Do you listen with unconditional love?

During my training to become a leadership coach, one of our activities involved working in pairs to practice listening skills. At that time, we did not focus on questioning or body language, which are, of course, essential. We focused on holding different attitudes and emotions as we listened to our partners.

What is Affective Leadership℠?

As I watch leaders and question why others follow them, I am increasingly convinced that leadership is much more than what a leader says or does; it is who he is. What makes one group of soldiers follow a commanding officer into battle and probable death, while another group under a different leader chooses to mutiny? I […]

Warren Buffet- by Stuart Isett/Fortune Most Powerful Women CC-BY-ND 2.0

Warren Buffet & Leadership

On August 15, 2011, Warren Buffet, often called the “Oracle of Omaha,” wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times in which he called on Congress to increase his taxes. In it, he said that he and many of the super-wealthy of the United States are willing to pay more because they see poor […]