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25 most inspiring leadership quotes

25 Most Inspiring Leadership Quotes

A few months ago, one line in a book jumped out at me. The author said that when he asks leaders what they most want to do, the comment he hears most often is that they want to inspire. Leadership is about inspiring other people to believe and to take action on that belief. However, […]

After Benghazi Hearing, One Burning Question

Like many Americans, I spent some time between other activities watching Hillary Clinton’s 8+ hour testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. As the hearing ended, I was struck by a question I have not seen addressed: Would the circumstances have been different in any way if Secretary Clinton were a man? […]

Executive Presence and You Webinar and Toolkit

Last week, I had the distinct honor of presenting a webinar called Executive Presence and You for HRO Today. Their mission to provide HR professionals with networking, professional development, HR services and technology tools is a great fit for my efforts to enhance leadership skills and practice. You can register to access the recording of this […]

Executive Presence and YOU…Presentation and Toolkit

I was deeply honored when HRO Today, an international organization dedicated to promoting professional development, peer-to-peer networking and tools and promotions around service and technology in Human Resources, invited me to present a webinar for their organization. The one-hour webinar on Friday, October 16 at 10 a.m. EDT is called Executive Presence and YOU, and it is open […]

Gun Violence, Leadership and Belief in Change

In the education biz, a teacher’s belief that he or she can make a difference in student learning is called efficacy. A teacher’s sense of efficacy is clearly tied to student achievement, motivation and a student’s sense of his own efficacy. I thought of this term last week when I heard about another senseless gun […]

Why Pope Francis is a Rock-Star Leader

I will start with a disclaimer. I am not a Catholic and the chances of my conversion are extremely remote. I disagree with a fair number of the Pope’s core beliefs and with many teachings of the church he represents. I grew up in the rural South in a Protestant family, but today my orientation […]