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How Leaders Build Trust With Apologies

Do you ever stop to think about the purpose of an apology and why we apologize?
This morning, I sent an email to my valued subscribers that was incorrectly formatted and introduced. I am sending a note of apology for the inconvenience, but the incident made me think about the importance of sincere and effective apologies and how they affect relationships and one’s ability to lead.
Leaders who want to build trust recognize the need to apologize.
Clients, friends and families who are harmed or inconvenienced want to know


How to Be a High EQ Leader: Nurture Relationships

Three leadership experts, Dan Rockwell, LaRae Quy and Shawn Upchurch, answer the question: What do High EQ Leaders do that other leaders do not? Their focus on nurturing relationships leads to 10 reminders for leaders about how they can build and nurture strong and authentic relationships.