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How to be a High EQ Leader: Shape Culture

In a time when women were supposed to focus on their families and perhaps reach out to their neighbors, Eleanor Roosevelt became involved in political activity and social justice. She delved into issues of economic and social equality. She actively worked to create a culture that was more tolerant, more equitable, more compassionate, more inclusive and more politically active. Leaders can look at her work to create this kind of culture to measure their own culture-building efforts. With quotes from Scott Mabry and Chris Edmonds, this article looks at how leaders can build a culture that is safe and inspiring for every person every day.

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Should Women Leaders Reduce Their Emotional Calories?

When I read Anne Perschel’s recent article, Do Women Managers Burn Too Many Emotional Calories, I immediately responded in the affirmative. In this article, Perschel described a conversation in which a group of women at a corporate retreat explored in depth why a colleague was keeping them awake at night as she engaged in phone conversations with her husband.

After their long discussion about possible reasons for these long and annoying phone calls, the lone man in the group asked, “Why don’t you ask her to be quiet?” Perschel’s conclusion was …