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Do You Have Executive Presence?

Do You Have Executive Presence?

Do others listen when you speak? Does your body language show others you are a leader? Take this 10-question survey to see how you measure up.



Did the results surprise you? Is there more you want to learn?

If so, you can take a look at our 30 Days to Powerful Presence. This e-book provides you with simple and effective ways to enhance your own presence. It fully explores :

  • What is Body Language?
  • Why do leaders need to know and practice Executive Presence?
  • What are the Six Positions of Power and Influence? (Found only in this Toolkit)
  • How can I practice the Six Positions of Power and Influence?
  • What resources are available about Body Language and Executive Presence?

If you are a leader, coach or professional development professional, you can also to earn your Leadership Options Executive Presence Badge. With focused work on this topic, you set your own learning plan and demonstrate knowledge and skills in the area of Body Language and Executive Presence. Upon completion of your personally designed program, you will receive a Leadership Options digital badge to post on your site or in your digital portfolio.

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