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7 Steps to Powerful Presentations

7 Steps to Powerful Presentations

Have you ever wondered if you are connecting with your audience? Have you been concerned that they were bored or unimpressed with what you had to say?

The ability to speak in front of groups and convince them to take action is one of the most critical leadership skills. When leaders do it well,  they connect with potential followers and they cause them to take action.  

I remember far too clearly the first time I spoke in front of a large group. For a short presentation to about 100 people, I practiced in front of a mirror for about a week. After many years, I remember the clothes I wore, and I remember walking up the steps to the stage feeling that all eyes in the room were on me. I have since learned that few in the audience were nearly as concerned with my performance as I was. 

With time and practice, I learned to love speaking in front of groups that numbered into the thousands. On a smaller scale, I conducted contentious meetings and welcomed guests to light-hearted social events.

I realized that what I said and how I said it reflected my attitude and my message. Every presentation could endear or alienate. I had a chance to make a difference. I have to admit I was not always successful.

However, I spent time learning some strategies I believe helped me to be more effective and more confident. The slides above describe how to Plan and Present Powerful Presentations, a skill that is essential to conveying an important message and making the emotional connections required to convince others to take action. If we can help you to be more successful in any area of your leadership, please contact us.

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