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Connect: Affective Leadership℠ for Effective Results

by Lyn Boyer

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Effective leaders have the ability to connect with other people who will join them to change the future. It is not only their words or positions that make the difference. It is a host of mental and physical attributes that attract people to them. These skills includes the ability to build relationships and establish trust.

They also include the often forgotten skills of physical presence, emotional intelligence, lightness and the ability to listen.

Because these essential leadership skills are often forgotten or ignored, I have written Connect: Affective LeadershipSM for Effective Results for aspiring, new and experienced leaders.

This book offers leaders the opportunity to Connect to each of the following:

·        Leadership Presence
·        Genuine Emotional Interaction
·        Intentional Language
·        Listening and Asking Powerful Questions
·        Building and Maintaining Trust
·        Physical and Emotional Lightness

In addition to thoughtful discussion of personal and professional learning in these areas, leaders will find activities for practice designed to promote mastery of these skills.

Connect: Affective Leadership for Effective Results is available online in paperback and e-book.

About Lyn Boyer

Dr. Lyn Boyer is a leadership coach, consultant and online learning guide helping new and experienced leaders and teams maximize their possibilities. Previously, she served as a school and district level administrator and adjunct professor. She was co-founder of Women’s Learning Studio. She now lives on the beautiful West Coast of Florida in a wonderful family compound with her husband, five other adult family members, three grandchildren, and two rescue dogs, Nicky and Molly. 

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