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Why is Executive Presence (EP) critical?
  • womens-movement-pixabay cc 511703_1280 According to a recent coaching survey, 57% of organizations that hire coaches and nearly 40% of coaches identify presence as “one of two top purposes for their coaching.”
  • In a Harvard Business Review report, 52% of men and 45% of women surveyed said they believed "looking and acting like a C-suite executive" contributed to promotions to senior management positions.
  • In another study of 268 senior executives, "executive presence" counts for 26% of what individuals need to get promoted into leadership positions.
What will the EP Toolkit do for you?  

With the EP Toolkit, you are on your way to enhanced physical and emotional presence, stronger relationships, expanded possibilities, and greater success.

Authors, bloggers and presenters tell you how important executive or leadership presence is, but few present you with practical information about how to stand, sit and interact to generate the presence required for different situations.

Sometimes, you need to show power. Other times you need to be decisive, approachable or show flexibility. Each of these requires a different physical and emotional presence. In the EP Tool Kit, you will learn the Six Positions of Power and Influence found nowhere else.

In addition, you have the opportunity to explore EP articles case studies, tips and suggestions found nowhere else.

All this for a fraction of the cost of expensive workshops and private coaching. And, you can access the Executive Presence Toolkit from any computer-- at home, at work or in the mall.


You Can Earn YOUR EP Digital Badge

Sample Leadership Options EP Badge (2)When you use Your EP Toolkit to develop and complete your personal learning plan, Leadership Options will confer a digital badge to honor your success. You can display your badge on your website, in your digital backpack or in your portfolio to celebrate and share your success with the world!

We will hold your hand every step of the way.

Upon completion, you will be granted exclusive use of materials found in the Leadership Options Executive Presence Toolkit to share with your own audiences.

These personalized services represent a $500 value.  However, we want as many professionals as possible to enjoy the possibilities these programs offer. Executive Presence Toolkit Access is only $50. In addition, we will assist you with your learning and help you earn your Leadership Options digital badge for ONLY $150. 


EP Toolkit Only
  • EP articles and content including The Six Positions of Power and Influence
  • Self-assessments and survey tools
  • Observation and reflection suggestions
  • Practical tips and suggestions
  • Investigate lively case studies
Toolkit + Guided Digital Badge Program
  • EP Self-analysis
  • EP Learning Plan to fit your needs and circumstances
  • EP Project of your choice
  • Opportunities to broadcast your expertise
  • Two free coaching conversations and personalized learning support
  • (Optional opportunity) Create or update your Leadership Portfolio 
Digital Badge Only
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