How do you manage conflict?

Do you avoid disagreements? OR, do you turn discord into opportunity?
Because my coaching and consulting clients often talk about their conflicts, I compiled this valuable guide for them...and for YOU. Whether you use conflict to build consensus or you just want to run away from it, this e-book offers ideas to handle conflict productively and to prevent it when possible.

This valuable and FREE 30-page guide tells you:

  • How to reduce conflict
  • How to manage conflict
  • How to hold difficult conversations
  • How to mediate group conflict
  • What mediation tools to use
  • Conflict and mediation resources

It also suggests a variety of resources you can use to manage conflict effectively.

Whether you want to minimize conflict situations or you want to turn volatile disputes into constructive action, this valuable e-book gives you the tools to confront personal and professional conflict with confidence and ease.

....Manage Conflict:

What to DO and How to DO it





Manage Conflict


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