What is Online Coaching?

With the advent of online communication tools and the hurried lives we all lead, more and more people are turning to online coaching to help them achieve their goals. Typically online coaching involves a tool such as Skype, Adobe Connect, Google hangout, GoToMeeting or others. It also involves two (or more) people who have a common interest- working through challenging situations or unsatisfactory results in their lives or work. Some coaching conversations are as short as fifteen minutes; others may last as long as two hours. That depends on the value of the conversation and the number of times the coach and client drift off the conversation. Most coaching conversations hover around one hour. 

Are online coaching conversations as productive as face-to-face?

Is online coaching right for you?We believe online coaching conversations are extremely productive. We would probably never suggest that a person who is a short distance away resort to online coaching rather than face-to-face because we enjoy the pleasure of personal contact. However, we have been involved in online and telephone coaching conversations, which were very deep and very meaningful. Some have provided exceptional results. We have never experienced an online conversation in which we felt or the other person (or people) expressed disappointment that the conversation was not face-to-face. Once technology issues are resolved, online conversations are just as productive as ones that occur in person. 

What are different types of coaching?
A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience, which involves developing new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Those roles must be left to mental health professionals. Coaching is for healthy people who want someone to listen and to probe--someone who will help them to be accountable for their success.
Although other types of coaching exist, three primary types of professional coaching take place: life coaching, leadership coaching and health or fitness coaching. We focus on Leadership Coaching, which often moves into Life Coaching. 
  • Leadership coaching - A leadership coach supports the client in choosing and reaching important career and leadership goals. The coach encourages the leader to explore new ways to view situations, individuals, and possibilities. Based on new learning, the client develops new approaches, plans, strategies, and actions. In addition to finding new ways to view situations and experiences, the the leader considers how to achieve better coherence in language, body, and emotions. Each of these is essential to strong leadership. Coaching clients are already successful and accomplished; they want to be more successful and more productive. 
  • Life coaching- A life coach may work in the other two areas. However, the focus is on achieving a satisfying and enjoyable life based on the client's circumstances. Sometimes, a client seeks a life coach to sort out issues related to life transitions, pleasant and unpleasant. The coach and client may look at attitudes or assumptions that prevent meaningful relationships or feelings of satisfaction in life. They may work on behaviors that will enhance the life and well-being of the client.
  • Health or fitness coaching- A health or fitness coach works with clients to support healthy life choices. These may include proper exercise or diet. 
What is ontological coaching?

Ontology means the nature of being. Ontological coaching is an area of coaching which includes looking first at who we are as people, what our assumptions are, and how those assumptions affect decisions and actions. It also includes considering how we present ourselves to the world in body, emotion and language. In addition to working to achieve meaningful results, ontological coaching looks at underlying reasons for those results. For a look at our model for coaching, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What are some coaching topics we may cover?

Leadership Options members and their groups have the opportunity to work with trained and committed coaches to master a variety of skills and circumstances. Our life and career coaches assist you and your groups develop and implement plans to:

  • navigate personal and professional challenges
  • enhance personal or professional development
  • identify your mission/ expand your impact
  • design or expand e-portfolios
  • get and stay organized
  • build your confidence
  • deal with conflict
  • maximize your presence
  • build and maintain trust
  • communicate more effectively
  • build teams and enhance teamwork
  • enhance emotional intelligence
What is MY Responsibility?

Leadership Options members are already successful, confident and accomplished. Our coaches are active partners who work with them to reach their optimum levels of personal and professional success.

When you participate in coaching conversations, you make a commitment to yourself to learn and grow.  You begin with discussions about current circumstances and your desired future. After identifying the gaps, you will work with your coach to design a plan to realize your dreams. This plan may change over time. However, a vision of what you desire is essential to moving forward.

Using your plan as a road map, coaching conversations begin with updates and progress reports. You will reflect on your progress and challenges you experience along the way.  Each conversation produces action steps for future learning and growth. For additional information about coaching, please read 10 Ways to Get the Most From Your Coaching Partnership.

What will My Coach Do? 

A successful coaching relationship is based on trust and respect.* Your Leadership Options coach pledges to maintain the highest standard of skill and to hold you accountable for new learning and accomplishment. Your coach makes your success her primary concern. At Leadership Options, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, caring and fun environment in which clients can learn and grow. Our coaches are trained in ontological coaching methods and practices. We offer affordable online pricing options for leaders, aspiring leaders and those who simply want the expertise of coaches who focus on success.

* Leadership Options coaches honor confidentiality. However, they cannot provide a guarantee should legal situations arise. Coaches are not therapists, and they do not engage in mental health counseling of any kind.


If you are interested in our coaching program, please read on...

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Three Coaching Plans
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