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My Tribe and My Intention

My Tribe and My Intention

Recently I reread the very powerful book Tribes: We Need YOU to Lead Us by Seth Godin. As you can see from the title, his book is a call to action for leadership.

With his comments, I revisited the question of my tribe. Who are the people who share my views? Who are the people I want to reach out to and who would reach out to me?

I cannot identify my tribe until I clearly state my intentions and my opinions about life and work. I know my tribe is less concerned with which movies are hits than with what is going on in Congress. They are less concerned with romances of famous people than with how to make a difference in the world.  

The featured image above represents a part of my tribe. Doris Reeves-Lipscomb, Lisa Levinson and I co-founded Women's Learning Studio. I  chose to leave that partnership to pursue my own leadership interests, but we continue to share beliefs and concerns about what is important in life and work.

My tribe also includes my family and extended family, some of whom live with me in a wonderful family compound on a small lake in Florida: six adults, three small children, two dogs, three chickens, occasional wildlife and one independent cat.

My tribe extends to my social media contacts and former colleagues in education. But, I want to  continue to identify and expand my tribe.

Godin suggests writing a manifesto, a statement of intention and motivation. So, here goes. Here is my manifesto:

I believe that solving the issues of today requires profound compassion, selflessness, on-going communication, wholehearted collaboration and commitment to serve. People with those traits must have the ability to influence and make decisions as they work with diverse populations and learn to use a variety of tools.

They must be willing to put down ideology and partisanship and see a world that works for people of all ages, races, religions, genders and sexual orientations. They must continue to learn new skills, new tools and new ways of being. 

I claim as my tribe new and aspiring leaders, particularly women, who have the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference. I focus on leadership because leaders in any group most often determine whether a group succeeds or fails.

New and aspiring leaders may experience tremendous frustration; yet their extraordinary resources are frequently left untapped. They sometimes lack the confidence, the contacts and the tools to accomplish what experienced leaders possess. However, they are the future and they will shape that future.

Because of my concern for this tribe, I coach and mentor, write, facilitate and present online and in person.

These are my guiding principles. I hope you will consider your own passions and write your own declaration. What are your passions and intentions?  What is your manifesto? Who is your tribe?

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