30 Days to Powerful Presence

Your Body Represents Your Message

Are you using it with Power and Intention?
Become more assertive, more persuasive and more engaging with our exclusive 30-Days to Powerful Presence Program.

30 Days to Powerful Presence outlines easy-to-follow steps to expand your physical and emotional presence. It opens the doors to new opportunities and expanded possibilities.

As a leadership coach, I focus on helping leaders move forward. However, sometimes they admit they do not display the physical presence that gets them the results they want.

That is why I compiled this e-book for them…and for you. This 70-page learning program holds the key to:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Greater confidence
  • Focused interaction
  • Expanded leadership skills
  • New opportunities
  • Heightened accomplishment

If you are a salesperson, coach, new or experienced leader or someone who does not see yourself as a leader at all, this information will help you use your body more effectively.

30 Days to Powerful Presence contains detailed information and activities that allow you to:

  • Understand why physical and emotional presence is critical to success.
  • Assess your physical presence using the three primary components of executive presence.
  • Learn and master the Six Positions of Power and Influence.
  • Practice each of the Six Positions of Power and Influence in private and in public.
  • Outline next steps to enhance physical presence now and in the future.
  • Reflect on your progress every step of the way.
…30 Days to Powerful Presence 

 © Copyrighted material. (Lyn Boyer, Leadership Options, LLC)

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30 Days to Powerful Presence 
Intensive workshops and personal coaching can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Because we want as many professionals as possible to have access to this exceptional opportunity, you can download 30 Days to Powerful Presence for ONLY $30 US

As an added bonus, members who complete the Executive Presence Digital Badge Program are granted permission to use and share our original Leadership/Executive Presence content with their own audiences.

Please use the SECURE access below to purchase this unique learning program. 

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