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How to Survive Your Loss

How to Survive Your Loss, Leadership

How to Survive Your Loss

Overcome emotional pain that may be holding you back...

As a leadership coach, I focus on helping leaders move forward. However, sometimes they experience hurt, anger and emotional pain.

Whether loss is personal, professional, physical, social or financial, the steps to ease emotional pain are similar.

Before clients can move forward, it is sometimes necessary to take a few steps back as they consider the following ideas about personal and professional loss:

  • Loss involves pain and grief.
  • Grief and loss are necessary for healing.
  • Grief follows certain predictable patterns.
  • After a loss, grief is necessary to move forward.

That is why I compiled this e-book for them...and for you.

This information alone will not heal pain, but it can help you start the healing process to find a more satisfying path. You have the power to survive and thrive.

In this 31-page e-book you will find suggestions for how to:

    • Acknowledge and understand your loss
    • Understand and manage emotions associated with loss
    • Ask for help
    • Be good to yourself
    • Change your environment
    • Face a changed reality and begin to move forward

...How to Survive YOUR Loss

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