How to Tell Your Compelling Story

Rediscover Yourself as You Connect with Others

There is little doubt that the ability to tell compelling stories, particularly your own story, builds emotional attachments and stronger relationships.

For that reason, storytelling is a valuable tool for engaging other people.

However, storytelling requires thought and skill. It is an art.

Storytellers must think about how to craft stories that stand out…stories that touch the hearts of other people. That is why I compiled this e-book..for my leadership clients and for YOU.

In this free ebook, you will:

  • Learn the steps to create a compelling story
  • Explore what your stories tell others about you
  • Think about how to build emotional bonds with your audience
  • Consider how to use your stories to shape attitudes and opinions  

Whether you are in a formal leadership role or you simply want to craft your personal story for family and friends, this e-book helps you build your personal story-telling skills.

With this 17-page e-book you will:

  • Explore your unique story
  • Investigate your purpose for story telling
  • Consider the variety of story-telling media
  • Outline the story you want to tell
  • Tell your story with confidence and greater understanding
 …How to Tell Your Compelling Story

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