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Everything’s Spinning

Everything’s Spinning

Have you considered how balanced your life is? Are you spending too much time working and too little time with the people who matter? What can you do to improve the balance in your life?

Are you a coach or presenter who wants to highlight the importance of balance? If so, these brief activities are right for you. 

I have used these activities in leadership workshops called Everything's Spinning: How Do I Keep My Balance? workshops. When participants and other presenters asked to use them, I decided to make them available for your use.

  • Research-based activities that help you assess your life and get it back in balance.
  • Creative Commons licensing (BY-NC-ND) allows you to share this information with your own audiences.

As a leadership coach, I focus on helping new, aspiring and experienced leaders move forward. However, at times, they want information about skills that will help them in their day-to-day interactions.

That is why I compiled this quick activity guide.

Whether you seek information to enhance your own life or you want to use this information for your clients or workshop participants, these activities will provide you with some valuable questions and give you the opportunity to explore more.

Everything's Spinning! How Do I Keep My Balance? ...






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