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Am I a Connected Leader?

Am I a Connected Leader?


 Have you every asked yourself: How well do I connect?

This brief survey is designed to see how well  you connect with other people. It includes questions that gauge skills in areas that build trust and make emotional connections.
Do you regularly monitor your emotions?
Do you know and practice centering for maximum physical impact.
Do you practice language skills that build trust.
Do your body and emotions match your words; are they coherent?
Are you fully present when talking with or listening to other people?
Do you intentionally practice lightness when appropriate.
Do you ask powerful (open-ended) questions of groups and individuals.
Do you feel and show empathy?
Have you mastered reflective listening?
Do you manage your emotions effectively?
Do you work to manage the emotional climate for people around you?
Do you monitor how other people react to your comments?
Do you strive to generate trust?
Do you consider different possibilities for physical presence before important events and presentations?
Do you monitor how you stand or sit to convey different attitudes?
Do you consider which emotions you want to convey in particular circumstances.
Do you scrupulously keep your promises?
Do you ask clarifying questions to insure you understand the meaning of other people?
Do you monitor your attitude to motivate, inspire, comfort or challenge people around you?
Do you monitor the level of trust between people around  you?