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Am I a Skilled Leader?

Am I a Skilled Leader?

Welcome to Connected Leader Lab  self-survey Am I a Skilled Leader?. These questions will guide you through the most important skills leaders need to be successful.

I am actively engaged in building a strong and cohesive culture.
I focus on continuous learning for myself and my organization.
I am exceptionally knowledgeable about what is new in my field.
I focus on personal and professional development that benefits individuals and the group or organization.
I have a clear vision of what I want for my organization in the future.
I clearly express my vision for the future.
I hold other people accountable for doing the best job possible.
I hold myself accountable for doing the best job possible.
I am aware of my own emotions and I manage them effectively.
I monitor and am aware of the emotions of other people.
I understand leadership presence, and I practice appropriate physical dispositions for different situations.
I know how to build trust in a group or organization.
I know how to motivate people to succeed in my group or organization.
My perceptions of myself are similar to the perceptions others hold of me.
I have a personal/ professional mission statement that I use to filter actions and decisions.
I continually monitor my performance based on my mission.
I can effectively manage the emotional climate in a group or organization.
I use a variety of decision-making strategies.
I understand what and when to delegate and I use delegation to benefit individuals and the organization.
I am well organized. I have a system for time and information management that I use consistently and effectively.
I know how to encourage collaboration and use it in the decision-making process.
I use a variety of strategies to communicate.
I rarely experience misunderstandings about intent or outcomes. (I communicate effectively.)
I use a variety of strategies to evaluate the performance of people in my group or organization.
I frequently give performance feedback that helps others improve.
I effectively manage conflict with individuals and group members.
I conduct efficient and productive meetings.
I facilitate group meetings so that group members arrive at workable solutions.
I build and nurture effective teams.
I understand different stages of team formation, and I assist teams appropriately.
I am not afraid to try new things that could improve the group or organization.
I understand that change is inevitable and I actively prepare for it.
I understand and use the most appropriate technology to inform, communicate and promote my group or organization.
I have the respect and admiration of colleagues, subordinates, customers and/or those above me.
I speak clearly and assertively without making other people defensive.
I listen with genuine respect, concern and curiosity.
I mentor others for their own success and the success of my group or organization.
I am comfortable speaking and presenting in front of small and large groups.
I am aware of my developmental areas and I work to improve.
I build on my own strengths and the strengths of people around me to accomplish tasks.

I build assessment or evaluation into new projects and work plans.

When you finish the survey, print your results and use them to guide your work in Connected Leader Lab.