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What is Affective Leadership?

As I watch leaders and question why others follow them, I am increasingly convinced that leadership is much more than what a leader says or does; it is who he is. What makes one group of soldiers follow a commanding officer into battle and probable death, while another group under a different leader chooses to mutiny? I...

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Is a Good Mood Always a Good Idea?

Leaders who instinctively lean toward Affective Leadershipsm practices recognize that their emotions and attitudes affect people around them. They sense that positive interaction brings positive results. They know their enthusiasm or lack of it can make or break a new initiative. And, quite a bit of research supports those notions. However, it is also important...

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Open post Leadership- Limit the Term, Expand the Reach

Leadership – Is the Term Overused?

The word leadership is thrown around liberally, but it is less common to analyze what leadership means, to think about who leaders really are, and to consider how to expand the pool of leaders. People usually think only of the actions a leader takes, often forgetting that a real leader must have followers—people who willingly...

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