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My New Directions

My New Directions

You may have noticed you have not heard a lot from me in the last few months. Let me tell you a little about why.

When I founded Leadership Options and began coaching and working with leaders and their teams, I was focused on formal leaders and institutional leadership. My thoughts and energy were directed toward people who have titles and who are paid to bring individuals and teams together to accomplish a shared vision. I found that very gratifying.

Since then, my life has taken a very different turn.

Nearly four years ago, my husband and I moved a few miles south to Sarasota to live in a family compound with our son, his wife, two (now three) children, and my daughter-in-law’s parents. All three families sold our houses to make this move.

Our daughter-in-law’s two sisters and their significant others live very close, so we have a remarkable extended family experience. It is a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

I look out my home office window onto nine mature oaks with Spanish moss hanging from their branches. My living room window looks out to a peaceful little lake. The children’s outdoor play set sits near my husband’s earth boxes and his chicken coop.

Sometimes all of us do “Compound” trips to Disney World or fly or drive to cities where the younger set run marathons or half-marathons.

We have no trouble deciding where to spend our holidays. Thanksgiving is on one side of the driveway; Christmas is on the other. Weekends and other holidays may include grilling in the common driveway, sharing yard work or taking a family trip to our beautiful Siesta Beach a very few miles away.

Each day I think how fortunate I am to live the life I lead. Where else can three children live with two sets of grandparents on the same two acres of land? Where else can we enjoy evenings on our dock looking over our little lake? Where else can we share our day’s events with all our family in such a pleasant setting?

However, in spite of my great good fortune, I have found myself grappling with who I am. I cannot bring myself to say I am retired. That sounds too unmoored, and I believe contributing and giving back are essential to a complete life.

My roles as parent and grandparent are important, but I want to make a larger difference.

I continue to believe my work with leaders and leadership is meaningful. The insights I have gained through my work, my education and my coaching are a significant part of who I am. My belief that intelligent leadership is the key to making a difference in the world is unshakable.

However, because I am much less frequently involved with formal leadership activities, I was on the verge of feeling like an imposter. I am no longer directly involved in formal leadership, but I believe my knowledge and insights remain of value to new and aspiring leaders.

Writing and sharing with readers who have been a part of my life for the last few years has brought me joy. That fulfils my desire to influence and possibly inspire—my definition of leadership. Therefore, I will continue to write, but with a very different focus.

Accomplished authors say to write what you know. I know and knew leadership, but institutional leadership is no longer my passion. I am now more about personal leadership in a life that brings joy and strengthens my family and my community. My community includes you.

Starting now, I will write about a host of ideas that strike me as significant. My focus will be on how to live a satisfying and productive life and how to make a difference outside of formal institutions. Topics may include current events, environmental issues, travel or the sometimes frenetic joys of living with my wonderful extended family. I will focus more on my efforts to effect change in my own realm. In short, am in the process of finding a different voice.

My notes to you will be less about knowing and more about trying to understand.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog and created a slideshow around the Five L’s of Happiness. These five L's are my focus for now… Living, Loving, Learning, Laughing and Leading. If you have not seen the the blog and slideshow, I hope you will check them out.

I also hope you will continue to read and find value in my comments and that you will join me in this new direction. I will be delighted to hear from you about your thoughts on topics I will consider. I also hope to hear from you about ideas I may find useful.

With this, I am now declaring that I am semi-retired. However, I am available for career and life coaching or other limited projects. Please contact me if you would like to have an attentive and sometimes provocative ear or you have a suggestion for collaboration.

I will continue to promote my leadership content, which I believe is valuable for leaders both formal and informal. For that and other recommendations, you can check out my newly designed personal content and recommended reading pages at LynBoyer.net. A number of the personal content items are free. The others are available at very reasonable prices.

Here’s to new directions.