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If you share my passion for powerful, effective leadership and professional growth, you are in the right place.

I am Dr. Lyn Boyer, author, coach and enthusiastic person in charge of Leadership Options and our phenomenal Leader Lab. My mission is to connect, inspire, and assist new and aspiring leaders as they grow personally and professionally.

I believe leadership means making a difference...changing the future.

With leadership updates, career coaching, portfolio development and other learning resources, you will maximize your possibilities as you grow your leadership skills.

With Leadership Options, you will expand the skills that make you an outstanding leader: emotional intelligence, leadership presence, trust-building, organization, decision-making, communication and much more.

At Leadership Options, our focus is YOU!

To begin exploring those possibilities, REGISTER to become a member of our expanding Leadership Circle. Membership opportunities include:

  • Free articles, e-books and slide presentations
  • Online and in-person career coaching
  • Career and leadership surveys
  • Webinars and custom in-person workshops
  • Opportunities to earn digital badges for program completion
  • B2B consulting for trust building, team-building and collaboration.

With your registration, you can DOWNLOAD my FREE 21st Century Leader Lab Self-Surveywhich helps you answer the following questions about your own leadership:

  • Can you build a strong and cohesive culture? 
  • Do you hold other people accountable for doing the best job possible?
  • Can you build trust in your group or organization?
  • Can you motivate people to follow a group vision?
  • Do you know and use a variety of decision-making strategies?

Learn more about great leadership as you expand your skills and become the most dynamic, productive AND successful leader you can become.

Don't forget, REGISTER now.

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