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What is Affective Leadership℠

I often write and speak about Affective Leadership℠ because I am convinced that Affective Leaders are more effective, enjoy their jobs more and have more productive employees, followers or colleagues. I coined this term because I believe it describes what the best leaders actually do. But what is Affective Leadership?

Affective Leadership℠ is the ability to connect with and influence other people. Real leaders know this can occur only strong relationships and emotional attachments. It is through relationship that leaders and their tribe generate possibilities that allow individuals to be the leaders, parents, scientists, friends, artists, or entrepreneurs they can become.

These possibilities change the future.

Affective Leadership℠ ties together the brain science involving how people make decisions and  ontological coaching practices associated with who a person is and how other people perceive him or her.

Leadership and Limbic ResonanceAffective Leadership℠ links mind, body, emotion, and language to enhance emotional intelligence, leadership presence, intentional language, active listening, building and maintaining trust and authentic lightness. (See graphic.) 

Natural leaders adopt many of these skills unconsciously. The premise of Affective Leadership℠ is that leaders and potential leaders can learn, reflect on, and master skills tied to generating and enjoying greater emotional interaction and enhanced leadership.

In addition to building strong emotional connections and increased possibilities, these skills lead to greater personal satisfaction.

Our work at Connected Leaders focuses on creating an online and in-person community that supports Affective Leadership℠ and Affective Leaders. Our goal is to assist leaders in making a positive difference in the world through our blogs, online learning, facilitating and coaching.

"As I have watched leaders and questioned why others follow them, I am increasingly convinced that leadership is much more than what a leader says or does; it is who he or she is. I have wondered what makes one group of soldiers follow a commanding officer into battle and probable death, while another group under a different leader might mutiny. I believe the difference is the emotional connection (or lack thereof) between the leader and his or her followers.

Leaders instill trust. They forge emotional connections that make others willing to struggle if necessary to realize a vision of the future. Leaders declare what they believe and what they want to accomplish. If they are able to connect, others will willingly—and often eagerly—follow."

(Excerpt from  Connect: Affective Leadership℠ for Effective Results available online in digital and paperback. 

For more information about Affective Leadership℠ and our coaching and online learning services, please contact us.

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